The aesthetic and plastic surgery Dr Maletić Polyclinic in Daruvar, Croatia, is owned by Dr Duško Maletić, MSc, who is a surgeon and his wife Dr Ines Maletić, an anaesthetist.

Dr Duško Maletić is a surgeon with over 25 years of surgical experience with the last 18 years spent only in the field of cosmetic surgery. Dr Ines Maletić is an anaesthetist with over 20 years of experience in her profession whereby the 18 have been in the performance of cosmetic surgeries. Dr Ines and Dr Duško Maletić work together in their private medical office in Daruvar over 10 years. They are recently joined by their daughter Ana; who is on her specialization in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

Dr. Ines and Dr. Duško Maletić are continuously improving their professional knowledge covering new technologies related to cosmetic surgeries in Europe and new technologies such as vibroliposuction, laser-assisted liposuction and laser lypolisis, AZELAIC and COSMO peeling, APTOS lift, as application of laser for dermatosurgery, non-ablative rejuvenation - radiage, photo-rejuvenation, epilation etc. are applied together with the classis methods.

The whole team in Dr. Maletić Polyclinic is patient-oriented, and the staff also possesses all the necessary skills and experience needed for cosmetic surgery.

The Polyclinic Dr. Maletić is equipped according to world standards with all the necessary and state of the art surgical and anaesthetic equipment for conducting of cosmetic surgeries.